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Your care will be overseen by our highly trained and experienced birth team.

The Jim and DeDe Walsh
Family Birth Center

The Jim and DeDe Walsh Family Birth Center offers you-the expectant mother and your family-a comfortable, relaxing environment. Your care will be overseen by a team of highly-trained, experienced health care providers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The team offers compassionate one-on-one nursing care that both is meticulous and personal. An advanced nurse practitioner is available 24/7 should your newborn have any special needs.

The family birth center includes:
• Three triage rooms for evaluation
• Six spa-like private labor, delivery and recovery suites
• Two surgical delivery rooms for obstetric complications and Cesarean deliveries
• Level I Nursery
• An 18 bed all private room mother-baby unit

The facility not only provides a warm and comforting place for you and your family, but is also well-equipped to handle routine as well as complicated deliveries. The private labor, delivery and recovery suite is beautifully and functionally furnished.

Your room at the center will include:
• State-of-the-art birthing bed
• Large jacuzzi
• Cable TV with DVD/CD player
• Wireless internet access
• Comfortable sleeper chair for a guest who wishes to stay overnight

For those who would like to experience natural childbirth using alternative pain management, our skilled obstetricians and certified nurse-midwives offer various options including birthing balls, hydrotherapy, and welcome coaching by doulas. As fetal monitoring may be necessary in labor, the center's monitors are waterproof and portable, allowing for close observation even while the mother walks or uses the jacuzzi. Specialized obstetric anesthesiologists are available to provide epidural or other form of anesthesia customized to the mother's pain-control preferences. The mother-baby staff is ever-ready to assess your newborn and assist you in learning how to care for your baby.

• Nurses and lactation consultants are also available to help you learn about breastfeeding
• Neonatologists and nurse practitioners are readily available to help care for the newborn, as well as actively consult and collaborate with the new mother
• Pharmacists offer advice on safety of drugs for the pregnant and lactating mothers
• Language interpreters are available